Bürkle is an Alliance Member of the VDMA Sustainability Initiative BLUECOMPETENCE. The initiative stands for resource-saving and sustainable technologies. The curing technology with light-emitting diodes is considerably more eco-friendly and more resource-saving in comparison to the traditional technologies. The disposal of heavy metal lamps made of gallium and mercury, that have to be exchanged more often due to a reduced lifetime, is no longer required. The working conditions for the line operators is improved as there is no ozone formation and an exhaust system is thus not necessary, too, which could lead to a higher noise level. The lower energy consumption of LED lamp units contributes to the protection of resources.

The crucial advantages are:

- Reduced energy consumption by about 80%
- Lifetime of the lamps unit minimum 15,000 hours
- No disposal of heavy-metal UV lamps
- No ozone load for employees

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