15. Nov 2016

Bürkle transfers CBM Division to Otto Künnecke

Category: Plastic Cards, Company


German companies Otto Künnecke, Holzminden, and Robert Bürkle, Freudenstadt, are pleased to announce as of January 1st 2017 Otto Künnecke will take over the design, production and future development of their tape laying, collation, card punching and strip cutting technology allowing Bürkle to concentrate on their core business; lamination systems. There will be a smooth and uninterrupted transition of the products as Otto Künnecke will take over not only the equipment and spare parts supply, but also the responsible service and support personnel.

Bürkle’s portfolio is transferred to Otto Künnecke and will gain new technological input evolving from Otto Künnecke’s innovative software know-how. The vision is the development of intelligent collation, punching machines and systems consisting of seamless track and trace, batch size of one, individual card designs and features, automation of the complete workflow including sorting – meeting future demands of the changing card industry.

Technology, know-how and senior engineers will be taken over by Otto Künnecke and will be integrated to the company’s headquarters. Hence Otto Künnecke will guarantee continuity of high-level services for Bürkle’s existing customers and products.

Jürgen Schröer, CEO of Robert Bürkle GmbH:
“We have been very successful with the products which we will transfer to Otto Künnecke. However, this product line needs technological input for future advancements to incorporate features of expanded automation and smart factory manufacturing. We owe this to our customers. This development will allow Bürkle to concentrate on what we do best; lamination. We have been planning this step towards a new technological future for quite some time. We found the necessary know-how and long-standing experience in software development, innovation and automation in Otto Künnecke.”

Carl Otto Künnecke, CEO of Otto Künnecke GmbH:
“This is an exciting development for us, significantly expanding our range of equipment into the card body manufacturing process. We have already made excellent experiences with Bürkle while working on joint projects in the past and feel very confident about their superb products. We are particularly proud to incorporate this successful segment of Robert Bürkle’s portfolio. We are delighted the transfer will also include the personnel and know-how. This will ensure development of existing and future products delivering optimal services for customers. We can now expand our product range and card processing possibilities in a way we have sought after for quite a while to deliver turnkey solutions. ”

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